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June 2013 Archives

Supreme Court strikes down key provision of DOMA: Same sex marriages will likely be able to allow for adjustment of status

This week the Supreme Court struck down a key provision if the Defense of Marriage Act, DOMA, that defined "marriage" as a man-woman union and denied same-sex couples any federal benefits, including immigration benefits. The decision marks a landmark, watershed moment for gay and lesbian marriage rights. The ignorance of DOMA's policy disqualified same-sex couples from over a thousand federal benefits. The Supreme Court held that this was a violation of equal protection. We at Youman, Madeo and Fasano hail this humanitarian decision.

"Updates from the AILA Conference: Raymond Fasano on ICE Detainers"

Bright and early on Friday morning, partner Raymond Fasano led a compelling panel discussion on detainers imposed by ICE against immigrants who are in the custody of a state or local jail. The question of how and why a non-citizen gets transferred from a criminal jail to Immigration custody is a very important topic for our clients and their families. Despite all of the positive changes in immigration law and policy that the Obama administration has brought us, the fact is that ICE continues to actively locate, detain and deport non-citizens.

Senate passes immigration reform bill

Today the Senate passed the comprehensive immigration reform legislation (S. 744) by a vote of 68-32 (including 14 Republicans). The Senate should be applauded for recognizing how far the public has come in understanding how immigration reform is crucial to the future well being of our nation. The Senate and Gang of Eight, have the vision to move the country forward on immigration.

Latest Updates from the American Immigration Lawyers Association Annual Conference

Attending the annual conference of the American Immigration Lawyers Association in San Francisco are partners Raymond Fasano and Donald Madeo. Throughout the conference we will be sharing the latest news and information on our immigration laws.

Rand Paul to fellow Republicans: Are we the party of deportation? Rand Paul's common sense approach to immigration reform

Please follow this link to the Wall Street Journal's interview of Rand Paul. This is an enlightening interview. Mr. Paul explains the importance of immigration reform to the Republican Party's survival and the dignity and respect that is associated with common sense immigration reform.

Senate moves swiftly with Immigration Reform Bill: NYT reports new security amendments passed this evening

The Senate Immigration Reform is rapidly moving through the Senate. The New York Times reports this hour that the new border security measure has been approved. I blogged about this about 2 hours ago and I now have to update in light of the new vote. Hold on because this is going to be a wild ride in the next few days:

Compromise in the Senate to get Immigration Reform Bill passed: Militarize the Border to answer security concerns

Last week witnessed the Senate acting as leaders in government in working on a compromise with respect to the Senate Immigration Reform bill. Two Republican Senators Bob Corker of Tennessee and John Hoeven of North Dakota introduced amendments to the bill to bolster border enforcement. AILA reports that "[s]ome speculate that a deal like this could draw as many as 15 new Republicans onto the final bill." That should be enough to get the bill passed in the Senate. Bolstering border security would include doubling the number of border patrol officers along the Southern border "(to about 40,000 total, or enough for one officer every 1,000 feet), additional fencing and increased use of technology and unarmed aerial vehicles to patrol the border. Sen. Graham (R-SC) of the "Gang of Eight" commented, 'this is a surge--a border surge. We've practically militarized the border.'"

New Hampshire Republicans set commonsense example for the rest of the Republican Party on Immigration Reform

In my last blog posting, Immigration trapped in the vortex of politics in the House (Thursday June 6, 2013), I railed against what seemed to be the Republican party's intransigence on immigration reform. The Republican Party postured itself as the party of principle rather than one that can lead our nation when it focused on the issue of healthcare coverage for provisional immigrants under the Senate's Immigration Reform Bill (S.744) to be a non-starter.

Nobody likes a bully

So often in the news recently we are hearing about an epidemic of bullying and its terrible consequences. Nobody likes a bully - especially when the victim is so vulnerable.

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