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New York Immigration Appeal Lawyers

Not every immigration case ends happily. Overloaded courts sometimes fail to see critical evidence, or they rule in a way that seems illogical or capricious. If you have had a trial go against you, you still have options.

One is to file a Motion to Reopen. This is a request that the Immigration Court take a second look at the case, so that new facts and evidence can be heard. Motions to reopen may not be frivolous. The evidence in question must be significant, and it must have been unavailable for some reason during the initial trial. The motion must be made within 90 days of the original decision.

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The most common reasons for requesting a Motion to Reopen include:

  • Your removal/deportation judgment went against you.
  • Your request for asylum or cancellation of removal was denied.
  • Your green card or citizenship applications were turned down.

Requesting a Motion to Reopen from Immigration Court results in speedier consideration than requesting one from the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), which may take years to decide a case. Motions can also be requested in matters governed by the Office of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer (OCAHO).

Appealing Cases To The Board Of Immigration Appeals (BIA)

You do not want an average immigration lawyer to take your case to the BIA. Judges are impatient with attorneys who don’t know appeals law or are unfamiliar with the requirements of writing the brief. Rodney Youman, Don Madeo and Ray Fasano all handle appeals in immigration courts and federal district courts throughout the greater New York area, including New Jersey.

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We are adept at brief writing, and we know when an error in a trial is really a significant error. We do not waste judges’ time with irrelevancies. We know how the immigration appellate court works, and that gives you a decisive advantage when so much depends on the outcome.

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