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Photo of Professionals at Youman, Madeo & Fasano, LLP

Photo of Professionals at Youman, Madeo & Fasano, LLP

Thank you for solving my hopeless C1/D1 visa case

I want to thank my lawyers Youman, Madeo & Fasano for winning my Provisional Waiver case. My situation was hopeless. Or so it seemed. I entered the United States as a C-1/D-1 because I had been employed to work on a cruise ship. I tried to adjust status before I was represented by my current lawyers. My case was denied because “crew members” are not permitted to adjust status. I then met with Raymond Fasano who devised a brilliant strategy for my case based on the fact that when I was admitted into America, my contract had expired. This meant that I was not a crew member. Mr. Fasano advised me that it would be a long and drawn out battle in federal court but he was up to the challenge. It turned out that we did not have to go to federal court because my attorneys under Donald Madeo’s supervision won my provisional waiver case. I am returning to the Philippines to Consular Process for my green card with NO PENALTIES!!! Thank God for Mr. Fasano’s aggressive and brilliant strategy and for Mr. Madeo’s methodological approach to my case. I owe my family’s future and happiness to Youman, Madeo & Fasano. I always felt secure and confident and never had a doubt that my case would be a success after I met Mr. Fasano.

Thank you again
Dexter, Karla and Nathan

I strongly recommend this firm to anyone who is dealing with immigration issues. From the moment my husband and I met Mr. Fasano and his staff we were highly impressed. After attempting to go through the filing process on our own, and getting denied, we finally met with Mr. Fasano who assured us that he could handle this case. Mr. Fasano is extremely knowledgeable, honest and straight forward and I had full confidence that our case would be dealt with in the manner that it should. And it was! After Mr. Fasano filed an appeal, the appeal was accepted and we were given another date for an interview and just three days after the interview, my husband received his approval notice. What a relief! And all thanks to Mr. Fasano and his staff.

Not only is everyone in the office professional, but we were most happy with how lovely and caring everyone was. Phone calls and emails were always returned promptly and all matters were taken care of thoroughly and efficiently. I always felt that no matter what question or issue I had, everyone was always ready and willing to help us through this long and difficult process.

Thank you so much, Mr. Fasano, Su and all the Staff at Youman, Madeo & Fasano. We appreciate all that you do. We thank you for making this journey an easier one and for making a dream come true!

With Much Gratitude,

Giuseppe and Nicole

I am absolutely satisfied by the service of Youman, Madeo and Fasano. I had a very delicate issue stemming from a youth drug related incident. Before coming to Youman, Madeo and Fasano, I had consulted with at least three other immigration law attorneys and they all concluded I would not get the green card. When I came to the firm, I was counseled by Raymond Fasano. Since the very first meeting, I had the opportunity to appreciate his deep knowledge in the field of criminal immigration. He actually knows case law by heart. He is very straightforward and does not fool clients. He told me the case was not easy, but there was some room for interpretation. I decided to give a shot. A couple of weeks before the interview, he prepared me and suggested me the best wording. The day of the interview I was counseled by his young associate, Attorney Zan Khan. He is a very bright and prepared lawyer. In addition, he is very personable, and after understanding I was tense, he managed to cool me down. Bottom line: I rocked the interview. The officer liked us and we were so well prepared in dealing with the issue that the officer stopped asking about it after a few questions. Our case was approved after 1 week. A dream came true thanks to Attorneys Raymond Fasano and Zan Khan.

Thank you again,

Michael from Israel