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Senate passes immigration reform bill

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2013 | Uncategorized

Today the Senate passed the comprehensive immigration reform legislation (S. 744) by a vote of 68-32 (including 14 Republicans). The Senate should be applauded for recognizing how far the public has come in understanding how immigration reform is crucial to the future well being of our nation. The Senate and Gang of Eight, have the vision to move the country forward on immigration.

A colleague of mine, Benjamin Johnson, who is the Executive Director of the American Immigration Council, with whom I have worked in the past with AILA said, “Today’s vote is a game-changer. The debate around immigration reform is forever changed, the notion that the Senate cannot act on immigration is a thing of the past, and now we know that it is possible to find bi-partisan agreement on an issue once deemed toxic.”

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