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Immigration law is frightening to many. It has the power to bar entry, to remove, to refuse requests for visas, work permits, status adjustment and waivers. Families are broken up and dreams are destroyed. Many lawyers are just going through the motions, standing alongside you, but not really addressing your problems and needs. They are as afraid of the system and its complexities as you are.

Aggressive Representation And Innovative Solutions

The lawyers at Youman, Madeo & Fasano, LLP, are different. We have the energy, the skills and the disposition to take on the system and make it listen to us. We know that you have met or heard of lawyers who take advantage of clients. We know you have every right to be suspicious of lawyers and the law.

NYC Immigration Attorneys Leading The Fight For Immigrants’ Rights

That’s why we say: Talk to us. We have four locations throughout the greater New York area, including New Jersey. Clients see us the way we are — passionate about your rights and fully engaged with the intricacies and challenges of immigration law. We demand fair treatment under the law, and we probe the law and look for nationwide precedents that are relevant to your situation. If an immigration law in Seattle makes a ruling, we use that ruling here in New York, or we expand it, building a bridge to the next logical interpretation.

‘The Immigration Law Problem Solvers’

Judges respect us. Other lawyers pack the classrooms to hear us teach on immigration topics. We give talks to bar associations around the country. People call us from around the country because New York is the epicenter of immigration, and our reputation has spread nationwide.

And of course, everyone sees us on TV: Hablando de Inmigración con el Abogado Rodney Youman.

Throughout the metro area we are known as the immigration law problem solvers.

We are currently serving a high number of persons from these countries of origin: Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, China, Dominican Republic, Indonesia and Panama. But we are happy to serve people from every country, and treat all peoples and cultures with respect.

Do you need an immigration lawyer with great ability? Call the respected New York immigration law firm of Youman, Madeo & Fasano, LLP, at 800-890-0229 — or describe your problem for us in an email using this form.

With offices in Manhattan, Queens, Union City, Patchogue and New Jersey.

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