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Compromise in the Senate to get Immigration Reform Bill passed: Militarize the Border to answer security concerns

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2013 | Uncategorized

Last week witnessed the Senate acting as leaders in government in working on a compromise with respect to the Senate Immigration Reform bill. Two Republican Senators Bob Corker of Tennessee and John Hoeven of North Dakota introduced amendments to the bill to bolster border enforcement. AILA reports that “[s]ome speculate that a deal like this could draw as many as 15 new Republicans onto the final bill.” That should be enough to get the bill passed in the Senate. Bolstering border security would include doubling the number of border patrol officers along the Southern border “(to about 40,000 total, or enough for one officer every 1,000 feet), additional fencing and increased use of technology and unarmed aerial vehicles to patrol the border. Sen. Graham (R-SC) of the “Gang of Eight” commented, ‘this is a surge–a border surge. We’ve practically militarized the border.'”

AILA speculates that the enforcement provision “will need to be voted on by the full Senate to be included in S.744, which will most likely happen on Monday, June 24th. If the agreement is approved (which everyone expects will happen), then a final vote on the bill could happen as early as Wednesday, June 26th (after cloture has been invoked).”

We urge viewers of this website to stay informed on Immigration reform. Visit our blog frequently for updates. And please, do not fall victim to dishonest businesses that guarantee a green card through immigration reform. We expect the public to prepare for immigration reform but not to be misled by being told that it is already a law right now.

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