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“Updates from the AILA Conference: Raymond Fasano on ICE Detainers”

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2013 | Uncategorized

Bright and early on Friday morning, partner Raymond Fasano led a compelling panel discussion on detainers imposed by ICE against immigrants who are in the custody of a state or local jail. The question of how and why a non-citizen gets transferred from a criminal jail to Immigration custody is a very important topic for our clients and their families. Despite all of the positive changes in immigration law and policy that the Obama administration has brought us, the fact is that ICE continues to actively locate, detain and deport non-citizens.

As Raymond and his fellow experts noted, it is of critical importance to have an experienced immigration attorney involved as early as possible after an individual is arrested for a crime. Strategy decisions need to be made in consultation with the criminal attorney which will effect our clients chances of avoiding immigration detention or enabling them to be released from ICE custody.

The panel discussion focused on the latest trends in the area of ICE detainers and the various ways in which immigration attorneys can challenge detention and best represent the interests of their clients in very difficult circumstances.

Well done Raymond.

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Attorney H. Raymond Fasano, as Section Chair to the Federal Bar Association’s Immigration Law Section will be hosting the Federal Bar Association’s Immigration Law Section Seminar in Memphis, TN May 17 -18. Please follow this link for details

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