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New York Immigration Court Lawyer

Many immigrants come to the land of the free, then something happens and they become subject to deportation and they end up in detention throughout immigration court hearings, often for many months.

This is a situation in which a skilled immigration attorney is indispensable. An aggressive lawyer who knows how the system works is your best protection against losing your most basic freedoms.

Long Island Bond Hearings Attorney Serving Manhattan, Queens And New Jersey

If the detained alien qualifies for a bond, U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (USICE) will set bond at a high level, to make sure the detainee attends proceedings. If the detainee has a serious criminal conviction or arrest, or other significant legal problems, USICE may decline to issue a bond at all. If the detainee can’t pay the bond, he or she may request that the bond be lowered. An immigration judge will then determine whether the grounds for mandatory detention are just, or re-set the bond.

At Youman, Madeo & Fasano, LLP, representing clients in bond hearings in immigration court is an important part of our practice. We present reasons why the detainee should be offered reasonable bond, hopefully having the judge look at the issue afresh.

Our firm conducts criminal defense for immigrants, working at every stage to protect your rights and minimize the harm done to you and your family. For more information, or to schedule a meeting to discuss your problem with our lawyers, call the problem-solving New York immigration attorneys toll free at 800-890-0229.

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