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Life After a Voluntary Departure Overstay:

J came to YMF in April of 2017 as he was reporting with the Enforcement and Removal Office (ERO) in Newark, NJ. He had been told he would need to get ready to depart the country if there was no resolution to his case as he had accepted Voluntary Departure (VD) from an...

AILA Waivers Conference

AILA 2016 WAIVERS CONFERENCE by Melissa Dominguez and Rebecca RookOn August 26, 2016 we had the opportunity to attend the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) Conference on Waivers which took place in Chicago, Illinois. The Conference brought together...


It is often said that you learn more from losing than from winning. While that might be so, I would suggest that we learn even more from taking a loss and finding a way to turn it into a win. This is the lesson of perseverance. Having practiced law for over 22 years,...

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