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What are the chances? Running into successfully represented Provisional Waiver client while on a field investigation study in Ecuador

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2015 | Uncategorized

My Partner Rodney Youman and I take a yearly trip to Ecuador to engage in a field investigation. We represent a large number of Ecuadorian nationals. In our non-LPR cancellation of removal cases, to be consistent with well established BIA precedent, we compare country conditions in America with conditions in our clients’ home countries such as the economy, nutrition, housing and sanitation conditions, access and quality of medical care and education. Our field investigation observations allow us to gather first hand data regarding the five factors mentioned. It is an invaluable exercise in allowing us the ability to successfully represent our clients in immigration court.

Recently while engaging in a field investigation report in Gualaceo, Ecuador we literally bumped into a client we successfully represented on a provisional waiver case. His wife and he were awaiting his Consular interview after his provisional waiver had been granted. It was moving to see our client flourish back home with his knowing that he was returning to America shortly.

The provisional waiver program is a humanitarian policy that allows well deserving individuals to overcome the cruel and inhumane unlawful presence penalties that plaque our immigration system. I soaked in the moment of seeing a humanitarian policy realize its intended purpose.

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