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“The Face of our Hopes for Immigration Reform”

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2014 | Uncategorized

You might not figure it from the photograph that accompanies the following Daily News article, but Representative Peter King may very well be the face of a moderate Republican movement to get something done this year on Immigration Reform. The article notes the increasing frustration that Republican Leader John Boehner has had with some of the staunch anti-immigrant members of the House of Representatives. It is refreshing to see more moderates, like Representative King, speaking out in favor of fixing our broken immigration system. I believe that Rep. King is very much on the mark when he states that, “Republican policies of self-reliance and family values would have much appeal to immigrants if we take time to articulate them.”

The overwhelming majority of clients and potential clients that I meet are proud, hard-working people. They are not looking for handouts but, rather, for an opportunity to come out of the shadows so that they may live in this country with some sense of freedom and security. These are people who are putting their roots down in America, who play a vital role in our economy and who are raising their children as Americans. I applaud Rep. King on speaking out on this issue and hope that with increased pressure on House Republicans we will see some meaningful legislation before the end of the year.

Please see below for a link to today’s N.Y. Daily News article:

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