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Donald F. Madeo featured this week on “Immigration Today” on NTD TV.

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2013 | Uncategorized

Donald F. Madeo is featured this week on the “Immigration Today” segment which is part of the New Tang Dynasty Television evening news program. Mr. Madeo discussed motions to reopen that allow individuals who have been ordered removed or deported from the United States when circumstances have changed.

In this very informative segment Mr. Madeo discusses motions to reopen before the Immigration Courts and Proposed Joint Motions to Reopen that are made with the Government. Mr. Madeo explains the strategy and thought that goes into both kinds of motions to reopen. If you or someone you know is the subject of an order of removal or deportation, we urge you to watch this segment.

Please see the link below for Mr. Madeo’s recent segment:

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