Tina Y. Song

Tina Y. Song

New York, New York

Ms. Song is the newest addition to Youman, Madeo and Fasano, joining the firm in 2015. She is licensed to practice in New York and a member of the Federal Bar Association and American Immigration Lawyers Association. She graduated from SUNY Buffalo Law School and has a Master of Philosophy in Land Economy from the University of Cambridge, also having studied at La Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. 

Ms. Song brings an array of international experience and understanding to our firm. Prior to joining the firm as an Associate, Ms. Song was a Fulbright Scholar in Bogotá, Colombia. In Bogotá, she studied and worked in the national women’s movement helping to advocate for legislative reform in favor of women’s rights. Following her time in Colombia, she worked as an educator in Brazil, helping to establish one of the first premier bilingual education programs in Vitória, Espírito Santo. She has also taught and lived in Taipei, Taiwan. These experiences abroad as well as her own experience as a first-generation Taiwanese immigrant have fueled her passion for global human rights, international migration and immigration law. 

During law school she handled immigration matters of resettled refugees and parolees at Journey’s End Refugee Services and received a Kaplan Fellowship to continue working in their pro-bono and low-bono legal department.    In addition to this, Ms. Song’s legal experience includes prior experience in Criminal Defense Law in Miami, FL, as well as handling cases involving defensive and removal proceedings and other immigration matters in Buffalo, NY. In 2012 she was a participant in the Annual Association of Immigration Lawyer’s Conference in Nashville, TN.  In her spare time, she is a freelance translator from Spanish to English who has translated for domestic non-profits, firms and international non-governmental organizations. 

Ms. Song joins the firm with enthusiasm and willingness to assist clients from around the world with their most pressing immigration concerns. In addition to English, she is able to assist in Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin, Chinese.